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Hansa 303

Fun, safe, stable and easy to sail for one or two people

080418 Sailabiliy Live Sail Die -_MG_9213

The Hansa 303 is available in single seat and wide seat models catering for at least two people. It features two sails, both which have an adjustable sail area ranging from 5.8m2 to 0.5m2. The 303 has an increased carrying capacity and is very suitable for lively sea conditions.

There are almost 1000 of this World Sailing recognised class sailing in more than twenty five countries.The Hansa 303 offers great performance whilst also retaining simplicity and safety features including; a weighted centerboard for stability, low center of gravity seat position and the adjustable sail area. It is an ideal boat for recreation and introductory racing on waterways that are less protected.

Hansa Liberty

High free-board, high stability and internationally recognised


The 3.6M Liberty, with its high free-board design, high stability ballasted centerboard and unique reefing system, provides safe and stable performance sailing that can be enjoyed by elite level competitors and sailors with limited mobility. An World Sailing recognised class, Hansa Liberty World Championship competitors include sailors with Quadriplegia and Paraplegia.

The Hansa Liberty opens up high performance sailing to everyone. The boat can be sailed at extreme angles of heel, yet the skipper remains dry and in control. This is a unique craft that enables safe yet exciting racing or recreational sailing in open waters.


A high performance skiff – fast, furious and safe

The SKUD 18 is a high performance lead assisted skiff which has been used as the equipment in the two as the equipment in the two person class at Paralympic sailing competitions. With a tube launched asymmetrical gennaker and a modern composite rig, this boat can get surfing down huge waves while still being virtually un-able to be capsized due to the 160kg bulb and keel holding the boat upright.

Tim and Jan @ the 2012 Paralympics

Sailors are seated on the center-line for Paralympic events and the boat is configured to suit each individual sailors’ needs. If not being sailed in a Paralympic Class rules event the SKUD 18 can be handled by a variety of crew configurations; it can be sailed in an open configuration where the crew sit on the gunwale or if one crew uses the center-line seat another can use a trapeze.

The SKUD 18 is perfect for training younger sailors before they move into high performance skiffs or dinghies and is also ideal for those not-so-young sailors who cannot hike like they used to but still want the excitement of high performance racing.

The SKUD18 has been designed from a performance basis to offer scintillating, crisp and snappy response to sailors regardless of their mobility. Containerized transport, simple maintenance and general ease of use have also been kept in mind.

Laser Stratos (keel)

The Laser Stratos is an all-round cruising and racing boat built by Laser Performance, the same company as the famous Laser Standard. The Laser Stratos comes in two forms, one with a keel (similar to most yachts) and one with a centreboard (like nearly all dinghies). The centreboard version is red and the keel version is blue. The Stratos is quite spacious and most of the rigging is kept out of the way. The boat can optionally be fitted with trapeze lines and an engine bracket for carrying an outboard motor.”

2.4 mR

One sailor, no movement, adjustments at your fingertips

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The International 2.4mR is a one-person Keelboat and has been the official single-crew class boat for sailing at the Summer Paralympics since 2000. The sailor does not need to move in the boat, and everything is adjustable from right in front of the sailor with both hand-steering and foot-steering being possible to steer the boat. It is sailed without a spinnaker, but with a whisker-pole for the jib.

This is a very competitive Paralympic class with 102 entries at the most recent World Championships in Finland.